Media Cybernetics Supported Products Policy


The Media Cybernetics Supported Products Policy provides the state of our active products as it relates to sales, maintenance, and technical support. All products listed in the table below are active, which means they are also all eligible for technical support. Other statuses indicate whether the product is currently for sale and whether it is maintained. Products in this table will have dates instead of check marks to indicate that the product state is expiring on that date. When products transition out of active state and become inactive, they will be removed from this table and put on the discontinued products page (see link below the table).

Supported Products

Product Active
Purchasable Maintained Supported
Image-Pro v11.1
Image-Pro v11.0
Image-Pro v10.0
AutoQuant X3
Image-Pro v9.1
Image-Pro v9.0
Image-Pro v8.0
Image-Pro v7.1
Image-Pro v7.0

See discontinued products


A product is active as long as Media Cybernetics provides technical support services for it. Discontinued products are no longer sold, maintained, or supported.
Purchasable products are currently for sale by Media Cybernetics.
Maintained products are currently updated when necessary to provide timely fixes and corrections. However, Media Cybernetics reserves the right to update any product at any time even if it not in a maintained status.
Products which are currently eligible for technical support either with a Success Plan or a Single Incident session. All active products are supported.